December 18, 2017

My experience with Catholic Charities has been nothing but amazingly profound. I struggled for too many years wondering what I should do about my sister’s baby. I went to adoption websites and the Catholic Charities web site so many times over the years. I was just to afraid, I guess to press that “button”. I also had conversations with people I knew that had been adopted. I was so curious about their experiences and their thoughts, and how they felt adoption had impacted their life. No one seem to have a background story like mine.

I just did not know if reaching out was the right thing to do for the adoptee or if doing nothing would be better for her. Since my mom, my dad, and my sister have all passed, it seemed up to me to do something. Through the support and guidance of Catholic Charities we are now getting to know each other. I have many more questions about my family that I will never for, but hopefully I have helped this wonderful young woman with hers.

Her story is remarkable and she was so loved by her adoptive family. She truly is the purpose of sister’s life.


October 31, 2017

There are so many emotions involved with searching for child one placed for adoption so many years ago. There is fear of rejection and resentment. There is hope in finally meeting your child after all these years, and hope they had a good life. There is also relief, joy, and anticipation when you finally take the that first step in starting the search. Catholic Charities helped us find our son within a few weeks. It was a wonderful experience and the caseworker was amazing and so supportive. We have our son back after all these years!

– L.

October 13, 2017

I’m not exactly a control freak, but I do like to have a sense of autonomy as I navigate through a life of unforeseen events. I want the experience of choosing options when faced with a challenge, without being reminded of a looming reality of my human vulnerability . Over my 68 years I’ve asked myself the questions, “If I don’t look out for myself, who will?”

Now knowing the facts around my adoption process, I have been able to answer that question. Abandoned by my birth mother in a Greyhound bus station and soon thereafter handed to a police officer who notified Catholic Charities.

I learned much about grace through study, but I’m living a life of gratitude as a result of the grace of God and the care of adoption workers of Catholic Charities. Grace is a gift that can’t be earned. At the pinnacle of my vulnerability- with no possibility for autonomy- I was the beneficiary of grace. Control is an illusion. Grace is living truth!



September 28, 2017

I always knew I was adopted, and it was always very positive. I grew up in a loving home and had a younger brother who was also adopted. Growing up I was curious about who I looked like and prayed that one day I would be able to meet my birth mom. I wanted to thank her for loving me and choosing to give me the most precious of all, the gift of life! I contacted Catholic Charities, the adoption agency that handled my adoption and I was finally able to locate my birth mom. We have met and have an amazing relationship and I found out I have 3 sisters! I am so grateful!